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Dual Survival

Dual Survival is a Discovery Channel show. Meet Dave and Cody, two men with completely different styles of survival skills. Can they survive together? In the swamps of Louisiana, Dave Canterbury hunts for a bullfrogs using only a flashlight and a stick.



Border Wars

Rescue Ink Unleashed

Border Wars is featured on National Geographic. In this episode, a high-speed chase results in a stolen vehicle flipping over. Its driver takes off running, abandoning a huge load of marijuana.

Rescue Ink Unleashed is featured on National Geographic. A few years ago, eight motorcycle-riding tough guys from the mean streets who frequented hot rod shows and tattoo parlors discovered their strongest bond was actually a passion for animals—and formed a rescue organization like no other: Rescue Ink.


MTV China


National Film Challenge Winner

Created in just 65 hours for the National Film Challenge competition 2011.

This short film, Elixir was chosen as one of 15 finalists out 158 teams in China, and ended up winning three awards: BEST USE OF PROP (wine glass), BEST USE OF GENRE (Fantasy), and BEST COSTUMES.