Christina has been a documentary film and television editor for 20 years.

She began her career working on television documentaries for National Geographic, where she quickly established herself as a strong storyteller with an appetite for quirky humor.

Christina soon ventured into verite doc series such as “Trauma:  Life in the ER” for TLC.  As TV verite evolved into “reality TV” she was able to retain the true essence of non-fiction programming in her editing style:  a strong storytelling technique infused with rhythm that gives substance and tension to such programs.

The variety of shows Christina has worked on has given her the opportunity to develop and create many different styles.  From interview and recreation heavy shows, such as National Geographic’s “Inside the American Mob,” and A & E’s “The Killer Speaks,” to verite/reality shows such as Discovery’s “Dual Survival” and Animal Planet’s “Cold River Cash.”  She has also done a number of law enforcement, verite style shows, such as A & E’s “The First 48,” “Manhunters,” and Animal Planet’s “North Woods Law.”

Although television has been her mainstay she has also edited feature documentaries and artist profiles.  She was a co-editor for the film “Liemba,” an awarding winning documentary that featured the oldest operation ship on Lake Tanganyika in Africa.

Today Christina operates as a preditor.  She does not hunt down prey but rather works as a producer/editor.